Day 25: 25 Days of 2018 Giveaway

DAY 25!!!!! We made it! Today concludes the “25 Days of 2018” freebie giveaway and I have 4 links of alphas to complete the kit. You are getting 4 colors of glitter (Gold, Green, Red, & Silver) outlines on black and then again on white characters. This alpha includes uppers, lowers, numbers and some symbols!! =) I also made a kit preview (which is in your downloads), but there was SO MUCH I couldn’t get all the ellies in! =)
I just want to wish each and every one of you a very Merry Christmas and I hope you and your family have a very blessed 2019! Thanks for all the ‘likes/loves’ and sweet comments. I truly appreciate you taking the time to do that! All 25 days of links will remain working until January 10th and then this kit will no longer be available. Please download and ensure that it unzips properly before January 10th!!
And here is a preview for the kit, not all shown, of course!! =)

Day 24: 25 Days of 2018 Giveaway

Well, we’re here with just ONE day left!! Merry Christmas EVE everyone!! Bringing you some word art with blanks to fill in your own words/titles and some glitter scatters! Have a BLESSED day!



Day 21: 25 Days of 2018 Giveaway

Here’s a few fun odds & ends to embellish your projects =)


Day 20: 25 Days of 2018 Giveaway

In the home stretch now – hope you enjoy these word board signs! =)


Day 18: 25 Days of 2018 Giveaway

About one week left before Christmas and I still have so much to do to get ready for family to come as we are hosting Christmas.  I may not be able to put a ton of things in each day now, but I’m sure you’ll understand!! =)  Here’s a few more glitters!


Day 17: 25 Days of 2018 Giveaway

More felties!!!  These were super fun to make.  The tree, star, garland and ornaments are all separate pieces.  I threw in lots of color choices so you can build your own tree! =)  Enjoy!!


Day 16: 25 Days of 2018 Giveaway

I realized while working on today’s part that I didn’t switch the color on yesterday’s “Day 15” button so I fixed that and included that along with today’s button in your zip!  Hope you like sparkly papers!


Day 15: 25 Days of 2018 Giveaway

I went with all kinds of florals today!  I love having lots of clustery types of things!!


Day 13: 25 Days of 2018 Giveaway

***Stating this again just to be sure everyone sees it – Please RE-DOWNLOAD Day 10 if you want the polka dot paper.  I missed getting it in the folder the first time…OOPS!  If you had trouble getting Day 10-12 please try again now.  I’ve reset all the links so they should be working! =)

Ok, here’s what I’ve got for you today!


Day 12: 25 Days of 2018 Giveaway

Can you believe we are about half way through??  I am really liking only doing a few items a day and not really knowing where I’ll end up!  I’ve NEVER done a kit this way, but it seems like it is working out and the overall preview is pretty darn cute!!  The only think I don’t like about this process is my numbering.  I like all my flowers together, buttons together, etc.  I guess you can renumber it if you are like me!!  LOL!  I hope you like the snowman…he took FOREVER tonight!!  Enjoy today’s pieces!


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