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KISS – Kelsey {Inspired} Studios by Lisa Kelsey
Terms of Use ©2013
License: Personal/S4O/S4H Friendly

By downloading my products and keeping them you are consenting to the terms as outlined here in the Terms of Use. Regardless of where you attained this product, you acknowledge that all items are for your PERSONAL use and not for COMMERCIAL use. Products downloaded (whether purchased or free of charge) do not become your property. Copyrights to all items in my files are retained by Lisa Kelsey of KISS- Kelsey {Inspired} Studios.

 Use the contents of these files for your personal scrapping, projects, cards, etc.
 Recolor, resize and/or modify these images to suit your creativity and project needs.
 Submit your layouts to galleries or post on blogs etc. as long as proper credit is given to Kelsey {Inspired} Studios.
 My products are S4H/S4) friendly as long as the finished product is a FLATTENED jpg or in a printed form without providing my original files to your customer.
 Use file contents to make siggies or blog wear for your personal blog.

 SHARE, RESELL, REPACKAGE, OR REDISTRIBUTE MY FILES IN ANY MATTER, but are welcome to direct interested parties to the site where you acquired my products whether they were free or purchased.
 Use my products in the original form or in any kind of an altered form and claim them as yours.
 Use my file contents for obscene, immoral, or an illegal manner prohibited by law.
 Use my file contents for COMMERCIAL USE or to create COMMERCIAL USE products.

Limited Liability:
The content is provided “as is” without warranty of any kind. KISS – Kelsey {Inspired} Studios and/or Lisa Kelsey shall not be liable for any incidental, indirect, or consequential damages of any kind, or damages in connection with the use of the content.


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