About KISS

Hi! My name is Lisa and I’m known as “kelseyll” everywhere in digi-land. I’m a secondary teacher that decided to step out of my classroom when my husband and I adopted a brand new baby girl from a previous high school student of mine! Kaitlyn is the joy of our lives and we hope to be selected as the family for another little one. We’ve been waiting a very long time!

I started scrapbooking long before there were stores or before it became so popular!! Too bad I didn’t have a crystal ball then for how it would just explode. I paper scrapped for years and started dabbling in digital in 2000. The quality back then didn’t meet my high expectations, but I kept watching and when Creative Memories finally came out with a user-friendly digital scrapbooking program in the fall of 2007….I JUMPED! I love digital! There’s no mess to clean and I don’t have suitcases, bins and cupboards overflowing with papers, stickers, adhesives, ribbons, chipboard and tools. No more freaking out over CUTTING my pictures!! The UNDO button is my FAVE!!

While teaching I had access to programs like Paint and Photoshop and even in the 90’s I was creating or altering clipart for my overheads and lesson worksheets to spice things up a bit. It has taken a very long time to feel like I’m ready to really try my hand at designing alongside so many talented designers, but I love to learn and boy this is stretching me!! =) So, Kelsey {Inspired} Studios (KISS) was launched in October of 2011. I am starting off with simple accessory packs and will work my way up to full kits…I think! Wish me luck! =)


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