Day 23: 25 Days of 2018 Giveaway

Darker tones with red yesterday and green today!! Thanks for the sweet comments!! I truly appreciate them and read every single one!  xoxo



Day 22: 25 Days of 2018 Giveaway

Only a few days left and I’ve loved putting this all together for you. Thanks to those who have left so many nice comments! I enjoy reading them!! I think I ended up incorporating a variety of styles which I don’t normally do in one kit, but I wanted there to be something for everyone’s different tastes. =)


Day 20: 25 Days of 2018 Giveaway

In the home stretch now – hope you enjoy these word board signs! =)


Day 19: 25 Days of 2018 Giveaway

I am learning a lot by creating a kit this way…!! So, normally I would make everything BEFORE the whole thing goes live. That way I can see each piece to make sure it all “goes” together, things are in the proper groupings and numbered accordingly, etc. I’ve had on call gals CT for me to double check me before it gets released and the stores I’ve been at often would double check my QC. Without all those advance planning steps I’ve made a few mistakes with this….and noticed another!! If you have things unzipped and still in each folder you are fine. If you unpacked all the ellies into one folder you might want to just re-download Day 17 and 18. I started numbering my elements at the wrong number for Day 18 so if you unzip and put all into one folder some of your Day 17 ellies might get overwritten! Either you are all too kind to point that out to me….LOL…or you just fixed it on your own…OR, you didn’t notice yet which is why I’m putting the notice here!! Clearly, I’m spread too thin!! I’m trying to work ahead now and will pre-schedule posts. My sister and her family fly in on Friday for the holidays and I am trying to get a lot done before they arrive! I also resolved my bandwidth issue and so all previous links are active and should work now. My plan is to leave them until January 10th to give everyone enough time to get what they want!  Today I made some more felties – why do I love them so much??!! Hope you like them too!!


Day 14: 25 Days of 2018 Giveaway

Today has the rest of the popsicle sticks, another clear pocket, and some odds and ends for fun!!

***Also, in Day 13, I didn’t finish numbering the candy canes correctly. They say “ep5x” and “ep5y”. I did the x and y since I was making some things ahead and wasn’t sure what number in the 50’s they would be as I made them earlier. Please change 5x to 56 and 5y to 57 so your ellies are numbered correctly.
Maybe I shouldn’t work so late at night…lol, OR I should have just done 12 Days of Christmas…haha!!


New links for the 25 Days of 2018 freebies

Just a note to say if you’ve tried downloading something in the last 24 hrs and it didn’t work, please try again.  These have been popular and I ran out of bandwidth.  All links are new and *should* work!!  Please let me know if you have any issues! =)

AND…..please re-download Day 10!!!  I totally forgot to put the polka dot paper in the file so that has been fixed as well!  So sorry!!!

Day 2: 25 Days of 2018 Giveaway

And we’re back for Day 2 of our “advent giveaway”!  How’s your Christmas “to do” list coming?  Mine is going rather slow, but that is because my list is LOOOONG!  haha!!  My husband has been involved in music performances and my kids and I have been get getting some cleaning done and decorating of the house!  We finish the tree tonight!  What have you been up to??


WLS is turning 6!!

Be sure to check out the sales, challenges, games and FB/Blog Freebie Hop happening to celebrate With Love Studio’s 6th Birthday!

Here is my part of the freebie hop that you can find the link to on my Facebook page or HERE.

Go to the WLS Blog to see the full FB/Blog Hop list of participating designers.

Ice Cream Freebie Blog Hop


Welcome to With Love Studio Ice Cream Social Hop and to my blog!
Ice Cream has got to be one of my FAVE summer treats and I can’t imagine not being able to eat it! However, I know several people that cannot do dairy but have found other milk-like sources for their ice cream. I decided to do a “vegan” themed ice cream treat freebie for you!

I have some extra packs in the shop that coordinate.  They are 30% off right now!





***This link has now expired – you can find this mini in my shop HERE.

You can click the image or the download button below:

You came from Scrappin Serenity
and I am the last stop on the hop. =)

Oh, and if you get lost you can go back to the start at WITH LOVE STUDIO

Have fun hopping some more! And shopping!
Don’t forget to check out our designer store, our hop coordinating kits section and our 1, 2, 3 SALE!


Thanks so much for participating in our blog hop!

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NEW Releases today and freebies!

I have a new kit and template pack coming out today that you won’t want to miss!  I am the Featured Designer at With Love Studio so be sure to check out my shop while it is 35% off this month!

Here is Violet Vendetta inspired by my daughter’s recent favorite color scheme!  Rich colors and floral themed ellies will enhance all your purple princesses and garden photos!  Get the QPs free with your purchase of the kit!  Stop by my Kelsey {Inspired} Studios Facebook page for a coordinating freebie cluster.  Read my interview and get a freebie stacked paper on the WLS Blog!


Buy the kit and get this free:

Check out these gorgeous pages made with Violet Vendetta:

Also new this week is my Fair & Square #1 templates.  These featured CT layouts below used Violet Vendetta as well!

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