Day 15: 25 Days of 2018 Giveaway

I went with all kinds of florals today!  I love having lots of clustery types of things!!



Day 14: 25 Days of 2018 Giveaway

Today has the rest of the popsicle sticks, another clear pocket, and some odds and ends for fun!!

***Also, in Day 13, I didn’t finish numbering the candy canes correctly. They say “ep5x” and “ep5y”. I did the x and y since I was making some things ahead and wasn’t sure what number in the 50’s they would be as I made them earlier. Please change 5x to 56 and 5y to 57 so your ellies are numbered correctly.
Maybe I shouldn’t work so late at night…lol, OR I should have just done 12 Days of Christmas…haha!!


Day 13: 25 Days of 2018 Giveaway

***Stating this again just to be sure everyone sees it – Please RE-DOWNLOAD Day 10 if you want the polka dot paper.  I missed getting it in the folder the first time…OOPS!  If you had trouble getting Day 10-12 please try again now.  I’ve reset all the links so they should be working! =)

Ok, here’s what I’ve got for you today!


New links for the 25 Days of 2018 freebies

Just a note to say if you’ve tried downloading something in the last 24 hrs and it didn’t work, please try again.  These have been popular and I ran out of bandwidth.  All links are new and *should* work!!  Please let me know if you have any issues! =)

AND…..please re-download Day 10!!!  I totally forgot to put the polka dot paper in the file so that has been fixed as well!  So sorry!!!

Day 12: 25 Days of 2018 Giveaway

Can you believe we are about half way through??  I am really liking only doing a few items a day and not really knowing where I’ll end up!  I’ve NEVER done a kit this way, but it seems like it is working out and the overall preview is pretty darn cute!!  The only think I don’t like about this process is my numbering.  I like all my flowers together, buttons together, etc.  I guess you can renumber it if you are like me!!  LOL!  I hope you like the snowman…he took FOREVER tonight!!  Enjoy today’s pieces!


Day 11: 25 Days of 2018 Giveaway

I am really enjoying making these pieces and then seeing people’s reactions to them! =)  I hope a few will use this and then link me up to a gallery to see the card, layout, etc. =)  Enjoy today’s goodies!


Day 10: 25 Days of 2018 Giveaway

Today went much better than yesterday and I got a lot done on my “to do” list….still so far to go though! =)  Enjoy today’s freebie!!


***UPDATE*** – I originally forgot to put the polka dot paper in this day’s folder….SORRY!!!  It has been added so please re-download this day if you want that paper! =)


Day 9: 25 Days of 2018 Giveaway

Well, this part almost didn’t come together!  I broke a tooth – soooo painful!  Thankfully, my dentist was able to work me in, but I have several more visits to do.  Not fun!  What a time to have this happen!!


Day 8: 25 Days of 2018 Giveaway

And….here’s SANTA!!!!  Enjoy your freebie!!


Day 7: 25 Days of 2018 Giveaway

I can’t believe one week of this month is already gone!  I wish I had the superpower to freeze time so I could easily get all my projects done!!  Hope you like today’s freebie!!


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