New Release 2-10-12: I went alpha crazy!!

I recently participated in a scrapping weekend marathon and found I needed a Neon alpha!!  What would you use Neon for??  How about New Year’s, fireworks, teens, video games/arcades, fast food, city night life, technology, theater/dance, outer space, music concerts and those amazing, “Magical” Parades??!!  Have any pics like that to scrap?!

Well, I made blue, gold, green, pink and red individual Neon alphas, but I also packaged them in a bundle deal if you couldn’t decide!  The bundle is a fantastic deal as it is buy 3 get 2 free….can’t beat that!  AND….they are on sale for 20% this weekend only!!  They are fun on both light and dark backgrounds too!

Something else I played with this week was a modern alpha in both steel and silver!  These are also on sale for 20% off this weekend only!!

And here are some of the alphas in action….

by kelseyll:

by Leandi:

by shabbyabby:


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